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Maha Paramashivaratri 2021 Message
March 11, 2021

Kailasa had a grand celebration of Paramashivaratri in the presence of the 1008th Living Incarnation of Paramashiva and devotees from all over the world joined the celebrations and received the blessings of Paramashiva.

Paramashiva’s message directly from KAILASA:

As Paramashiva, I, am here intensely, powerfully, manifesting and available to all of you, eternally radiating my own bliss from the Nishkala Swarupa – the space of Nishkala and Nirvikalpa, manifesting myself and extending, expanding as everything.

Mahashivaratri is the day, where again and again I am intensely available for every one of you to experience the state of Paramashiva; pure unclutched state; the space of Paramashiva where powerful completion exists, where Parameshwara manifests as everything, as all the auspiciousness; the powers of Paramashiva manifests as Parashakti, my own extension; the being of Paramashiva is the alive, living entity.

On this Maha Paramashivarati, my message to all of you is: manifest Paramashivatva. I am here to make everyone manifest Paramashivatva.


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