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The Sovereign Order of KAILASA is a collective of different paths of living the science of enlightenment as prescribed by Paramashiva in the Veda-Agamas of the Hindu tradition. Deeply rooted in the Guru-Shishya parampara, the order is initiated and inspired by HDH Jagadguru Mahasannidhanam Nithyananda Paramashivam. The order is inclusive of people from all walks of life and provides various options to living and radiating enlightenment for all individuals, beyond age, marital status, race, color, or any other background and belief system.

Nithyananda Kramabrahmacharis & Kramabrahmacharinis Order

Living the ultimate truths as a lifestyle  for a time-bound spiritual practice

Nithyananda Sarvajnapeetha Yajamans and Kartas Order

Supporting the revival of the Science of Enlightenment

Nithyananda Yogis & Yoginis Order

Practicing Yoga and self-discipline, with the mind, and body in Oneness

Nithyananda Grihastas Order

Living the Science of Enlightenment while being a householder

Nithyananda Sadhus & Sadhvis Order

Stalwarts and protectors of Dharma, dedicating their lives for Hinduism

Nithyananda Rudras & Rudrakanyas Order

Committed only to Paramashiva for life, living just for Him

Nithyananda Bhairavas & Bhairavis Order

Fearless, ferocious and raw manifestations of the ultimate truths

Nithyananda Order Brahmacharis & Brahmacharinis Naishtika

Living the ultimate truths as a lifestyle and driving force for the entire life

Nithyananda Vanaprasthis & Vanaprasthinis Order

Path of Living Enlightenment after completing a certain phase/age of life

Nithyananda Rishis & Rishikas Order

Living the science of Enlightenment after getting married

Nithyananda Swamis & Swaminis Order

Established in the truths of enlightenment for the whole lifetime

Nithyananda Sanyasis & Sanyasinis Order

The ultimate and highest possibility of life for all individuals

Nithyananda Paramashivabhootas Order

Individuals in whom all the elements within have become Paramashiva.

Nithyananda Paramashivaganas Order

Beings with their length, breadth and depth filled with Paramashiva

Sanyas, the Ultimate Life

As per Vedic tradition, using a body and breathing life into the science of enlightenment is Sanyas. Sanyas is the eternal romance with life.

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